This weekend have been dedicated to photography, My exhibition started this saturday in Hanstholm and will continue daily 10-16 until the end of week 42. My exhibition was part of a nature photography festival that was held for the 7th time, and as usual it was with some very interesting speakers and well, I have to say the exhibitions from 10 different photographers where very good as well, go see them if you have the chance. I made this image saturday morning on a trip with some of the other participants and exhibitioners where I promised them we would get to see many red deer. We saw a few but never really got close, but who cares when an image like this is the result!

Long exposure photo of the old pier, or Roshage molen in Hanstholm Denmark.

This 4 month old French bulldog where playing with Emil today. In the fenced in area of the park. Today is a day of sorrow, from today and until late august we have to have the dogs in a leach and that is so not fun for them, and us for that matter, but the park is very crowded with people now when the weather is fine and I can imaging how my bandit will roam around and eat all the barbeque people are having if he is allowed to do that!

Lightning storm over Hanstholm harbour. Last night as we finished unloading the boat a thunderstorm started flashing to the west, so I drove up to my fathers place and hurried the camera gear ready and headed up above the harbour to see if I would get lucky and capture something spectacular, and I did!