Second image in my dog and owner project, this fella was scared by my 10 month old black lab and wanted cover.

Levy is just 3 months old and quite the spirited one...

Her two dogs are simply wonderful. Well behaved and calm and I am envious!

From todays dog walk. We drove to a nearby lake on the outskirts of Oslo today and it was very full of cars at the parking lot, but we walked towards the lake, until I gave up on that project due to the dog dragging me along in every direction because there where so many dogs and people there. So instead we drove home and walked to the park and that meant I could get this picture to add to my collection of dogs and thier owners in this park. Owner is stretching it a tad this time, it was his sons dog, but the son was working 12 hours today so he took it for a walk, and in this series he is counted as the owner!

Part of my dog and owner project from the local park.

Starting on a personal project where I make portraits of dogs and thier owners in the local park here in Oslo.

This little fellow is only 12 weeks and after playing a short time in the snow he was freezing so much he shivered violently. Doesn't show in this picture except he looks a bit miserable.

This is Lucy and her owner, I meet them often in the park and she really likes to play with my dog and finally I got around to ask for a picture to the project.

She was training the 1.5 year old Black labrador to become a guide dog for a blind person, so when I asked her for a photo for my series she was happy because then she could walk past me and Emil and train it to ignore us even though we where close by, and I got a photo of it, so both of us where happy with that deal!

We met this little 4 month old Golden retriever puppy today, she was so pretty and clean, this is shot 5 minutes later after being manhandled by Emil, but they had fun!

Still working on it, but at a slower pace it seems...

The labrador is a 8 year old guide dog, love those!

This one is a special one, since today we have Emil and Olha, my dog and my wife! Yesterday Emil turned 1 year old and he is a really strongwilled you dog, especially if you see other dogs, so we are working hard on teaching him some manners. Sometimes we feel we are getting somewhere, and other times he just wont do as we tell him too! But he is ours and we love him :)

The project is still growing and coming along nicely, and we even have nice weather now!

This 4 month old French bulldog where playing with Emil today. In the fenced in area of the park. Today is a day of sorrow, from today and until late august we have to have the dogs in a leach and that is so not fun for them, and us for that matter, but the park is very crowded with people now when the weather is fine and I can imaging how my bandit will roam around and eat all the barbeque people are having if he is allowed to do that!

I met these two young women the first time a few months ago when the one to the right just got her little puppy and the other one got hers a few weeks later. Lovely dogs and lovely girls...